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Our Mission


BUOY MEDIA is a publishing house with a broad mission. We want all the books we publish to be unputdownable and produce more engaged readers by partnering with authors to help create stories and communicate ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire. By using the latest ways of promotion and social media to connect them with readers everywhere. We have always been in the forefront to use cutting edge technology and the most innovative ways of promotion. We strive to be the first to try new marketing solutions for books.  The fundament of BUOY MEDIA is based on helping people, both in getting hooked on reading but also in general. So we are committed to use a certain amount of our profits to charity. 


What We Do


Our team of publishing professionals is helping authors all the way through the publishing proces - from idea and editing, to design and sales, to production and promotion. We publish all formats of books - from Hardbacks and Paperbacks, to eBooks in all the different formats, to audiobooks and book trailers. We focus on the newest and ground breaking ways to promote books. We start building the authors brand already before their first book is published and because we are experienced in building a professional email list, thats also our focus from the beginning. We have helped all our authors to reach a bestseller list, so that will always be the focus from the very beginning of our collaboration with them.

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