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Part 6: Preparing book launch, promotion, ads, and 
promo-price setting.


After the book is thoroughly edited, and professionally designed, we will start planning the launch of the book. 

 We focus on the following factors, which are crucial for a proper launch: 

  1. Price-setting the eBook. Intro price, promotion price, and regular price.

  2.  A book-release plan.

  3. Checking availability for promotion sites. 

  4. We layout the promotion strategy.

  5. We write the hook and ad copy for the book together with the author.

  6. Produce different ad designs for the Book Blog tour and Twitter campaign.





Part 7: Book launch with a promotion.


The big day has arrived! 

We will be spreading the book promotions out over 5-7 days, depending on your budget, book price, and which sites will be available. 

According to our experience and Amazon's algorithms, this is the best way to get the book up on the bestseller lists and get it to stay there.

When the book is bought together with other bestsellers, we get the free promotion of appearing on these bestseller's product pages under "Customers who bought this also bought." 


Promotion steps:

  •  We submit the book to 70+ free promotion sites and 30+ paid ebook sites. In collaboration with the author, we choose which paysites to use. Most cost between $10-100 per site, depending on how many subscribers they have. Depending on the author's promotion budget, we submit to as many as possible. The more significant sites have to accept the book. The most challenging site to be approved by is BookBub.

  • We submit the book to a Book blog tour, together with a Twitter campaign. It will be running for a month. The tour is typically starting a week before the promotion to create buzz.

  • We will promote the book on all the different platforms, on different days. 

  • We start with the smallest sites and end the promotion with the biggest websites to build momentum. This works well with Amazon's sales algorithms.

  • If your book qualifies(genre, quality, and target group), it will also be sent to the 95,000+ subscribers of the Willow Rose VIP email. 






Part 8: Getting reviews.


Without reviews, a book doesn't sell. So it's crucial to get reviews as fast as possible. There are different ways to get reviews:

  • Family, colleagues, and friends. (Important that they follow the Amazon guidelines for reviews, or they will be removed)

  •  Some sites offer reviews if you give the book to the reviewers. (This takes time and costs money, usually $20-40 per site)

  • ARC readers(after you have to build a large group of followers)

  •  Giveaway, where they enter a sweepstake by leaving a review after they have bought the book(cost is the value of the prize, but typically only possible with a more significant amount of fans.)

  • Promotions that drive sales, which give reviews.




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