Cost for preparation for launch: $1,000.00

We will be spreading the book launch promotions out over 7-14 days depending on our budget and which sites will be available. This is the best way to get the book up on the bestseller lists and get it to stay there, according to our experience and Amazon’s algorithms. 


When the book is being bought together with other bestsellers, we get the free promotion of appearing on these bestsellers product pages under  “Customers who bought this also bought." 


 - We submit the book to 20+ free promotion sites that take new releases and some paid ebook sites. In collaboration with the author, we choose which paysites to apply for. Most cost between $10-50 per site, depending on how many subscribers they have. 

- We will promote the book on different platforms, all on different days. 

As soon as we have enough reviews, we will promote the book on all the different promotion pages and emails.

Cost for publishing and launch promotion: $5,000.00 + expenses