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Part 1: Preparing the script.


• First of all, the script needs to be edited by a professional editor.

• When it's edited and error-free, it will be prepared for formatting.

• If there're any pictures, they need to be scanned/uploaded, labeled, and arranged.

• Two versions of the script will be made. One special formatting for the ebook, and one for the physical book.


Cost for Part 1: $1,000.00
Part 2: Designing the eBook, Interior, and cover 

The eBook cover needs to look professional. Readers DO judge a book by its cover!

We design the cover and Interior in close cooperation with you.

An excellent design of the eBook cover is crucial.


There are a lot of technical specifications for an ebook cover, but the most important thing is that the title and the author's name are readable in thumbnail size.

The book cover has to stand out even in a tiny size on a webpage. Today most books are sold on websites. Mainly on Amazon.

Also, you want your book to match the genre to where it is sold.


The same rules apply to the Interior. It has to look professional as soon as you open the book.

The two most important things about interior design are scalability and readability.


Some other important parts of interior design are the copyright page, the author page with social media links, the books-by-the-author pages, and the except for another book from the author in the end.


We always try to get the interior design to match the books category. 


Cost for Part 2: $1,500.00

Part 3: Designing the Physical books, interior, and cover

Just take a look down a bookshelf and you know that the spine is fundamental in a book cover design.

The physical book design is important in so many areas. The spine, the back matter, the sleeve, and the cover.  

The cover and interior design of a physical book need off cause to look professional.
We have a team of designers with many years of experience and many bestselling designs. 

We use templates and an online digital proofer to check that the fully-formatted book is meeting the demands of the margins and technical specifications.
We make sure that the Interior is matching the printing submission requirements and specifications to confirm a book will print correctly and ensure a quality product is delivered to your customers.
Cost for Part 3: $3,000.00
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